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Review of the Heritage of Western Australia Act (1990)

The review of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 is the first major initiative from the State Cultural Heritage Policy.

The Review aims to ensure that any changes to legislation leads to an Act that is:

  • Open
  • Transparent
  • Simple to operate and understand
  • Able to reflect best practice in the recognition and protection of heritage places

The first phase of the review involved the release of the Consultation Paper and sought views on the effectiveness of current legislation and what a contemporary Heritage Act should look like.

All the comments received assisted in the development of a Discussion Paper for phase two of the review. The Discussion Paper outlined a series of proposals that might form the basis of a new Heritage Act.

The public was invited to make submissions or participate in an online survey.

In addition, five workshops, including one in Bunbury, were held for heritage owners and community groups, heritage professionals, State Government heritage property owners and local government authorities.

Feedback received from the phase two Discussion Paper was forwarded to the Heritage Minister and approval was given to progress to the drafting of new contemporary legislation. 
The State Heritage Office is currently working with the Parliamentary Counsel's Office on this draft Heritage Bill.

The draft Bill will reflect the findings of the two rounds of public consultation undertaken by the State Heritage Office on behalf of the Heritage Council, and the Government’s election commitment to deliver modern legislation that is open, transparent, simple to operate and understand, and that reflects best practice in the recognition and protection of heritage places.

The draft legislation, known as a “Green Bill”, will be published for stakeholder and community consultation. The outcome of this consultation will inform the final version of the new legislation which will be introduced into Parliament.

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State/ Territory  Act
 WA  Heritage of Western Australia Act (1990)
 ACT  ACT Heritage Act (2004)
 NSW  NSW Heritage Act (1977)
 NT  NT Heritage Conservation Act (2008)
 QLD  Queensland Heritage Act (1992)
 SA  South Australia Heritage Act (1993)
 TAS  Tasmania Historic Cultural Heritage Act
 VIC  Victoria Heritage Act (1995) (including 2008 amendments)


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